This post is going to be a collection of the thoughts running through my head this morning coupled with prayers to my Lord Jesus Christ. Do stick around, a nugget is waiting for you!

Hey Lord, good morning. Thank you for this morning. Thank you for my rest last night. Thank you for feeling sufficiently rested. Thank you for making me strong like an eagle. I run and don’t grow weary. You teach me how to care for myself; and I thank You.

I want to talk about salsa dancing. My mind has wandered back to my night of dancing the other night several times this morning. It captivates me. I was pursued by many that night. Old flames, new sparks. None of which know or love you. But I wait. I wait. Oh, how I wait.

I think of myself in high school and college when cute boys showed interest in me and I thought “I like them”. Did I like them because they liked me? I have to watch for that now too. Here’s the difference between younger me and older me; old me and new me:

I’m not settling. I have a standard. The man I’ll date and eventually marry will be a born-again believer. A man sold out for Christ. A man who isn’t afraid to speak boldly about the Name above all Names; Jesus Christ. The living God. The Messiah, my King.

Old me didn’t have that standard. In fact, I didn’t have much of a standard. Cute, funny, showed interest… I didn’t date jerks… usually. *facepalm*.

Anyway. Lord, please contain the wanderings of my mind. Please help me keep useful thoughts in my thought train and not spend so much time on thoughts that aren’t useful. It’s crazy because lately I realized how much time I actually dwell on the hypothetical. The over-analysis of every facet of life. Thinking about the “what-ifs” and the “should-have-beens” etc. etc.

It takes a whole lotta time and a whole lotta energy. I am now going to go read the Word of God so I can fill my mind with His view. His perspective. I’m going to read the Word so I can

put on the lenses of Truth

posture my heart towards Him

put myself in a position to receive grace

practice the presence of God

contemplate the person of God

meditate on what God says in His Word and how it affects my life

I’m going to drink my coffee.

I’m also going to drink in life through the Word

Lord, please help me focus while reading your Word this morning. Thank you for giving me new life and new thoughts and new ways of doing things. Thank you for breaking down old walls and patterns and for giving me Your power to change. Thank you for loving me and making me feel loved. Thank you for your glorious promises and for being a Promise-keeper. I could talk about your magnificence all day long. I think I do a lot and people don’t know how to feel about it. I don’t think I need to come down to earth in this regard… I want to bring Your fire! Wherever I go. Because You are Immanuel; God with us. 





hey everyone.

It’s Friday night around 7:30pm and I’m getting ready to go to work. I just packed for my hiking trip tomorrow. Some friends and I are going to hike in the Virginian mountains.

This is probably the last mountain I hiked. One of of the last few peaks from the Long Trail in Vermont. I started this trail in 2015 and hiked 252 miles of it. Last summer I went back and did the last 20 with my best friend Alexandra. <3

Tomorrow morning I’m setting off with four lovely ladies to do a four-mile loop that is partly on the Appalachian Trail. Should be some great views tomorrow. And the temperature is a high of only 65 degrees! YESSS I’m so excited. 🙂

I’ve missed the mountains

I’ve missed the woods

I’ve missed the sound of twigs breaking under me

of leaves crunchy

of pine needles muffling my steps

I’ve missed the earthy smell of fresh morning dew that covers the rocks, as steam rises from the bright morning sun

and quiet whisper of the leaves in the trees as a gust billows by slowly and softly

the bubbling brook pours over stones of all different colors and a water bug lands on the surface creating small ripples

each ripple cascades towards the edges of the stream where sweaty hikers have taken off their shoes and socks and dipped their feet in the water to cool off


So tomorrow it’ll be nice to go back out there again. Not that I’ve ever been there or here at all. It’s a first time experience. With a first time group coming together to scale a peak. Five women hiking in God’s beautiful creation. 😀

I’m bringing my tripod to take some legitimate pictures up top 😀 Maybe I’ll post some 😉




On another note. I’ve had some decisions to make regarding working and playing and resting/being responsible. I’m working tonight and REALLY wanted to go dancing last night and tonight but it ain’t gonna happen. Last night my plans fell through because my car broke down and I had to put it in the shop. Which was fine… Instead I got to spend time with cousins and friends which was really nice… and drive a fun rental car 😀 <3

Tonight I have work again and don’t wanna go to bed supah late because I’m hiking tomorrow. I should get up tomorrow at 6:00am because my friends are coming at 7:00am to leave for the trip. Then we’re driving 2.5 hours to get to the spot.

We won’t get home til …. 6pm I’m guessing. Crazy.

So naturally I wanna get home, take a shower, CHILL …. and then my friend has a bday party that I wanna go to.


Someone needs to work tomorrow night for my client. I am praying that someone I will call “P” will do the shift. I am not supposed to. It’s supposed to fall on another lady… but she overbooked herself and made other plans in the evening. Which is crazy, but not my fault!

Anyway. I guess I could do the shift if I did it ….. from 8:30-9:30. It’s just lamesauce cuz the lady we’re helping doesn’t like to go to bed super early… but it isn’t my fault if there’s nobody there to help her and I have other plans?!

Lord, let your will be done.


Y’all have a WONDERFUL Friday night and weekend. I’ma go head to work.

xxx <3 V