The most unlikely folks


You use the most unlikely folks

It’s hilarious to me

I write them off in my mind

First thought, “Nahhhhh

They are the ones that perform

They are the ones that come forth

They are the ones that stand firm

They are the ones

I’m learning to trust You!

I’m learning to lift up each of these, the least of these, up to You

Thank you for giving me clarity and showing me Your ways

Your high, high ways

Not highways

Though if your ways were a highway it would have endless lanes and there would be no accidents. There would be loops and underpasses and overpasses and bridges. There would be no speed limit, but many would drive very, very, very slow. They wouldn’t be an inconvenience though, because they have their own lane. Maybe that’s what the highway of Your mind is like, Oh God. A lane for each of your children on a humongous highway. With 7 billion lanes. Or is it 9? 7.53 billion according to Google.

I think that’s more accurate. But maybe not. This is me thinking out loud here. I know You definitely have me waiting behind others a lot. And also looking back to make sure others are still following me. You also have people very close to me in my car. Sometimes for a month or six or a year or two.

I won’t try to construct the highway of Your mind anymore. Though I do know this: every speck of every inch of every mile on Your highway is intentionally the way it is; per Your design. It has purpose. It gives life to us. I think of tiny organisms growing and being shaped and stretched and challenged in their own little life.

Your purpose in the details is often despised. Only later do you graciously pull back the curtain of Your purpose.

Thank you Father for giving me purpose. 

This call to action in my life has been SO exciting.

The momentum building has been SO motivating.

And I want to help other people.

I want to change their lives.

I want others to catch the vision I’ve caught.

Purpose. I have purpose. A greater purpose.

He has prepared me for this. He always does.

Have you found your purpose?




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