today was such an odd day!

I had to get a rental car:

It was a Ford EcoSport.

Interesting little car. It turns off everytime ya brake to save on gas and emissions.

Very eco-friendly/efficient. My friend was explaining to me tonight how newer cars are using much more efficient technologies these days, and how much gas it actually saves to cut off the car when chillin’ at a light or whatever. It used to be that it took more gas to turn the car on and off. Not the case anymore.

Anyway, I picked up this lil number this morning because my car decided not to turn on last night until my friend hit the starter with a hammer. When the car turned on after that, my friend determined that I would need to replace the starter. Turns out my battery was 5 years old as well.

Not too many repairs or too expensive. Thankfully I have a savings account for moments like this. God is good, and always provides all that I need.

I was trying to avoid getting a rental because I wanted to save money. I was hoping one of my frands would let me borrow a car. Nobody came thru. Also, another friend of mine said “why don’t you just get a rental”. I was like huh. Maybe I should.


Convenience is worth it. Not bothering multiple people or owing favors is worth it. Especially when I have savings…



I got tired last night and didn’t feel like finishing this post. So here I am this morning, with two minutes to spare before I go to work.

Hope y’all have a good Friday! I love Fridays because I get to do some reading and kinda resting. It’s a slower-paced day with this client. 🙂

I do have another client right after, but it’s doable. It’s not too much. Unlike Wednesdays, where I have stuff back-to-back. I gotta change that. I can really only change one shift… move it up like an hour or something. Or maybe 2 hours. That would be good. It would give me time to come up for air; rather than going from one energetic job to the next. When I say energetic I mean, of course, that have to be energetic. lol

Anyway. I’ll definitely write more later. I do wanna mention this though: I want to stop scheduling so many things one right after the next. I do it with social gatherings as well. I always want to go to all the parties and commit to too many things. Sometimes it’s nice, NICER than nice, to just go to one party and stay there all evening. Not go to 5 things in one day. I dunno why I over-commit like that. I guess I like to keep things interesting? Like to keep in relationship with lots of different people? Want to show each person that invites me to stuff that I value time with them and value my relationship with them?

Though perhaps I could show how I value them and care for them more by spending more time with each person. Perhaps on different days. hahaha

If my life was a garden and friends were one of the crops, I think the bed would be overflowing. And every gardener knows that if you plant things too close together they won’t grow efficiently and will choke each other out. I wanna have a few really strong, healthy, fruit-bearing plants. I want my relationships to grow and flourish, not be choked out by each other because I’m spreading myself thin.






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