rollin’ with the punches


is that the phrase? lol

6:36pm on Wednesday. I should be at church right now because I’ve been attending a 6-week Wednesday night prayer class.


My car wouldn’t start. I am THANKFUL though, because it didn’t start in MY driveway! I was out and about all day today, and it could have died at any one of the many places I was traveling to and from. But instead, God allowed it to die right in my driveway. My friend is on his way over to check it out tonight. I’m praying that it’s something simple!

Like a dead battery. All I know is dis. God allows or causes everything to happen for my good and for His glory. TBH I am TIRED and didn’t want to go to church tonight. So I was relieved that my car wouldn’t start in a way! It has given me more time to rest! Granted, my church is 1 mile away. But it takes energy to participate in something with other people. And it definitely takes effort to pray.

I get to be home now and chillax. I didn’t sleep a whole lot last night because I went salsa dancing and then to work… even though we were finished by 11:30pm… On Tuesday nights I usually just go dancing and don’t have work, but my cousin was sick so I covered her shift.

I timed it so that I could still go to bed when IĀ normally do on Tuesday nights (around midnight)… but uhhh I kept waking up starting around 4:30am. SOo it wasn’t that great of a night of sleep. I did fall back asleep til 5:45ish but decided to just get up then. I didn’t have too bad of a day energy-wise but Wednesdays are usually draining anyway because I have work and then I teach a children’s bible study to ~12 2.5 year olds, and then have another shift right after. And then clean a little after that. It’s too much.

So that craziness coupled with a poor night of sleep left me feelin’ tiyad.

Hence my relief for being able to be home right now. And being able to write šŸ™‚ <3

I tried to post yesterday and today but I didn’t finish the post yesterday, and today the post would not post! It “failed” for some reason. *shrug* Anyway, I’m hoping this one will post.

Sooooooo. This week I lost some keys (a keyring fell off my carabiner that holds my car keys and house key) to my client’s houses. Luckily, they’re being/have been replaced. šŸ™‚

I can’t imagine that they keys are very far away though; that’s the thing. I had them on Sunday afternoon…. and then Sunday evening I did not. I went to lots of places on Sunday, but am pretty sure that I had them after all my goings-on. In which case they could only be in 1 place: in or right outside of my house. *sigh*

I’m just waiting at this point. Trying not to think about them, trying not to worry about them. After all, the important ones are being replaced. The other ones, I don’t need. I am thankful that it wasn’t my car key or house key! That could’ve jacked up my lyfe so much! But God is good. He takes care of His children!

These small everyday tests are slightly uncomfortable… but I am grateful to have them. I am learning, I am growing. I am learning to trust more. I am learning to lean on the Lord more. Trust in His timing. Trust in His ways.

It’s been a good week otherwise. Work has gone well. Bible study has gone well. I was BLESSED yesterday by a DELICIOUS seafood lunch with two sweet friends yesterday. And we made plans for a lil road trip together in November šŸ™‚

Lord, thank you for sustaining me. Thank you for teaching me how to work more consistently and efficiently and not get burnt out. Lord Jesus thank you for teaching me how to worship and work while I wait on You. Thank you for widening my vision and helping me see past my situation and how your plans are so much greater than what I can imagine. Thank you for teaching me how to talk about hard things. Thank you for giving me boldness. Thank you for giving me such great relationships and friendships! Thank you for giving me dancing and excitement and a spirit of adventure! You are the perfect artist, author and creator. Lord I want to be like you!


Reminded me of dis Lecrae song. Ha oldie but goodie.


I’ma go read some before my friend gets here to check out da car.





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