dreading this conversation

to a small degree, anyway.

A small part of me. But I’ve known that it’s been coming, and I know it’s for the best. Sometimes a person doesn’t want to put an end to something that is “OK”, you know? Like it’s okay, it’s fine. It’s good. It’s cool.

But it’s not great. It’s not perfect. It’s not correct, or appropriate or necessary or right.

So it’s time to put things to rest. And here we are. The opportunity lays before me. I could ignore it and postpone things until tomorrow or next week. Or I could respond and have the chat that needs to be had. What shall I do?

On a different note. It’s Saturday night. The moon is full, and it’s a Harvest Moon. I could be at a party right now, eating and drinking and dancing the night away. Instead I’m at home. And I’m glad that I am. It’s too easy to get into trouble and fuel my desires and be tempted to waste time. I don’t always want to be busy though. I don’t always want to feel super scheduled and like I have to be productive all the time. I want to be able to chill more. I also don’t want to justify not working to the wrong people. Or any person at all, if what I’m supposed to be doing is working when God tells me to work. It’s my own fault if I am squandering time and not being a good steward of it in general. Only God knows my heart and my motives and my intentions. Only He knows what choices I will make, and only He is able to empower me to complete the work that He has begun in me.


I’m tiyad. Definitely going to sleep soon. Definitely. Hmm

Want to right now. Don’t feel like conversing much. And that is A-okay. I just closed my eyes for a minute or less and now I’m convinced that I could fall asleep right now. So I’m going to.

Goodnight. Happy Saturday y’all.




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