fwiday da tirteent

just a fewww minutes left my friends. how’re you gonna spend it?!?!?!

moi? in my bed, eatin’ crackahs. those weird orange ones with the PB in the middle. I’ve never even liked them, really. I’m just eating them because….

I am awake. And one of my clients gave me 5 packs of them because I drove her to Sam’s Club. Hahahahha she was like “can I give you a tip?!?!” I was like nawww

and then she insisted that I take some crackers. So I took one. Then she said “take more!”

So I grabbed another one. And then she said no, MORE and handed me three more packs.

I was like gee whillickers Dot you’re trying to make me fat.


So here we are. I’m about to pass into the land of sleeping, which will be very nice. Tomorrow is the first Saturday that I have absolutely nothing planned for. I cannot remember the last time this was a thing. Lol

Come to think… I even worked Saturdays when I was in college! For cryin’ out loud, what am I gonna do with my lyfe.

My self


I guess Saturdays have always been overrated for me. I kinda do prefer having a day off mid-week plus Sunday. I very well could end up working Saturdays too. Idk

I’m going to enjoy tomorrow though. I’ve already decided. So HA!

I’m sorry. I apologize. The attitude is coming from needing to sleep and probably the orange dye in these deceptive, cheese-less crackers. Okay, they actually do contain cheddar cheese. w/e

It’s the 3rd to last ingredient including YELLOW 6 HA!!!!!!!!!!! I KNEW IT

Image result for yellow 6

^^^ yellow 6. The color of fake cheese. hahah sooooo sad

I kinda wish I was dancing right now. Hopefully tomorrow night I’ll go dancing. My frand is having a pizza/dancing party. SOooooo yeahhhh hopefully I’ma go to that. I might wait and decide to go after talking to another friend who apparently has a lil drama possibly regarding the party. Sigh. We shall see.

But yeah, tomorrow I’ma drink coffee and have my quiet time. Relax. Maybe go to prayer at church. Come home and reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeadddd <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Play some guitar. Dang it. Just remembered I left my guitar in my car. I’ll get in en la maƱana. It’s fine. The weather actually…. hmm well I was gonna say it ain’t too bad, but it’s actually vurr humid out there. 74ish degrees, which I LOVE, but still super-humid.

And den after dat, maybe I’ll go swimming. Or for a hike. It’ll be 83 degrees tomorrow. Not bad.

oook I gots to go to bed now. Now that I’ve spent the last 45 minutes scrolling through facebook profiles from people from college. ughh.

People that used to really like me. Now I don’t know how they feel about me since I’m a JESUS FREAK. But oh well!

I wouldn’t trade the world or anyone in it for my relationship with the Risen King.

And I pray that you get to know him too.





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