2:51 PM

and I’m about to fall asleep.

I was yawning all throughout the church service this morning (for a different reason than everybody else) .. (haha jk) since I got very little sleep last night. I did, however, dream that I went to a Latin social dancing event. And there are THREE different ones going on now and tonight that I’m sadly not going to attend because I need to rest.

Last night I slept at my client’s house and the thermometer was too high so I was too hot and couldn’t sleep. Tonight I’m sleeping there again and you bettah beLIEVE that I’m changing the thermostat to cooler than freakin’ 76 degrees. My b

Anyway, I’m tired and am about to take a nap. Right after the house tour that’s going on currently is over and done with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL my girlfriend’s family is here catching a tour because the house I live in is unique and her family was dropping her off something that she forgot at home. She is working today for one of the ladies that we both take care of (this is how we met and became friends) and her family just popped over to bring her the thing she forgot and now they’re getting a house tour. Which the homeowner loves to do: give house tours. He’s given one to me and many of my friends 😀

SO when the tour ends, I will be able to sleep. They haven’t come downstairs yet, which is where I reside, so I feel the need to remain dressed and ready to show my bedroom if necessary, or at least say “oh, hello! Don’t mind the mess in my living room area!”. I mean, it’s whatever, but y’know, kinda routine to comment on the state of things when they aren’t particularly dazzling.

Not justifying, by any means, but just uhhhh pointing out the state before they might point it out. I guess it makes me feel less judged, or makes me believe that I am less judged if I say “sorry” before their eyes say something to me.

Words are important. That little “Sorry” can really prevent a lot of pointless overthinking on my part. Communicating that I am “sorry” about the state of or the appearance of my living space suggests that if I had known they were coming over, I would’ve taken the time or made the effort to clean it up on their behalf. It shows them that I care. OH! Here they come!


Lol so uhh I literally just hovered by my door and didn’t open it at all and they toured my common space/living room and then walked by my bedroom and the homeowner said “we won’t go in Velvet’s room, but that’s where it is” and I was literally frozen like a deer-in-headlights the entire time. I am awkward.

Hhahaah but also I am wearing short shorts and a sweater with a hole in it so I didn’t want them to judge me for my outfit. So instead I will let them judge the uncleanliness of my living room (it’s really not that bad) and my social awkwardness since I just met them upstairs and then disappeared into my room. But also, at the same time, I live here and I was gone all day and I’m exhausted and don’t owe anyone anything; even politeness. Which, I was polite, by the way. This is just me overthinking again.

Overthinkers tend to think things through as they ………….. think about them. Hahaha okay nevermind. I guess I process things better when I write or type my thoughts out or bounce them off of other people in conversation. Not sure what this is. Just a random slew of happenings in my mind and hallway. Happy birthday, I know you wanted so badly for me to relay these happenings to you.

And now I sleep. More later



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