Where do I even start?

Hello wordpress world. I have missed you. I traveled up north to New England a week and a half ago to visit family and go to my sister’s high school graduation and I just got back this morning. I had a red-eye flight and had to be at the airport at 4:30AM.

It’s funny because I expect the airport to be quiet-ish at that time of day. But no, it’s super busy. And people were laughing and smiling and cracking jokes. And I was naht. I was on the same page as my Uber driver. He was quiet, and I too was quiet.

I sorta slept on the plane. The nodding-your-head every few minutes type of sleeping that is proof that I was actually asleep. Although I’m surprised that I didn’t get whiplash from all the times my head jerked up after I fell asleep. Thoughts of contemplating buying one of those neck pillows… Hmm someone just told me the other day they don’t work very well. Oh well!

So I’m back in my abode. And have eaten, slept, went on a nap and took care of a couple things for a couple people. Soon I will shower, clean my room and make my bed, and then possibly go over to one of my best friend’s houses for dinner with her and other good friends. Then I will go to work. Then I will sleep and go to work again tomorrow.


As I was on my walk I thought about the nice things that people have done for me. Two Sundays ago in church I was in desperate need of coffee. I hadn’t made any that morning because I was going to Sunday school for the first time in a while and knew they always have coffee. Well that Sunday they ran out. So then I went down to the Welcome Desk where I serve once a month. As I was talking to my co-server he told me there was a coffee cart behind the sanctuary and to go find it and grab some coffee. I went back there and the cart had already been taken away.

When I got back to the desk he told me there was a reception after church and there should be coffee there. I went to church and waited eagerly for coffee. On the Sundays that I serve at the Welcome Desk I leave the service a few minutes early and go back to the desk to answer any questions or give out information to people as they’re leaving church. When I got to the desk there was a 20oz coffee from 7-Eleven with my name on it. Apparently my co-server inquired about whether or not there would be coffee at the reception and when he found out there wouldn’t be, he went to the store and got me some. 😀 🙂 It was an awesome act of kindness. Girl’s gotta have dat caffeine nawmean?



Then earlier today I was getting coffee with my cousin and we were talking about work because we’re both care-giving for one of the same ladies and she was going to cover me tonight since I just got back from my trip but after describing her crazy schedule I told her I would do it. And then she ended up saying she would give me the tube of organic mascara that I had ordered through her company for FREE because she wanted to do something nice for me. I was like yoo you don’t have to do that. And she said “I know, just like you didn’t have to offer to work tonight”. So that was awesome <3

You know, life is good. And our God takes care of His children. I’ve been in a bit of a funk with all the traveling I’ve been doing and having a bit of a rough time, but when I stop to count my blessings and reflect on all of the goodness in this broken world, I change my focus from what’s wrong to what’s right. I change my focus from one of focusing inward to one of focusing outward.

Also, when I got home from walking there was a bouquet of flowers waiting for me. Which I was expecting-ish? I knew I was getting something fresh because I knew I had to be at home for the delivery of this previously unknown item but I thought well, it’s either flowers or cake or something. And I knew it would come today or tomorrow. It was today.


It was roses. And irises. And a tiny little purple flower that I don’t know the name of. And I’m going to go take a shower now because I need to think.

Count your blessings. <3



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