is it really though

“mid” night

usually middle of the night is like 3 a.m.

weird cuz we sprung all the clocks forward

i like how my electronics will do that for me

and it doesn’t exactly feel like 12

since my body thinks it’s 11

why the time change, oh why

time to switch things up i guess

always a good thing to do

keep everyone on their toes


maybe it’s not such a good thing

guys I’m freakin’ exhausted

I’ve been snacking like a bear before hibernation

why? you ask

same reason i ate half a dozen cookies five years ago right before going to a potluck and when my friend asked me if i was hungry i said “no” because i had eaten six rather large cookies and she said “why” and i said “i dont know, cuz they’re tasty” but really it’s lack of self control

good news is

Jesus rose from the dead


i have a lot more self control now


yo for real though. fo reals

self control, like patience, is something that we grow in as christians.

just like all the other fruits/AKA results of the Holy Spirit indwelling believers.

we grow in love

we grow in peace

we grow in joy

we grow in faithfulness

we grow in gentleness

we grow in kindness

we grow in goodness

we grow in patience

we grow in… self control

praising Him for growing me in all nine of these areas slowly but surely day after day



my boss told me about an old friend that he once had who trained squirrels to eat snacks out of his hand


I just died laughing actually. cuz that sentence is a tad bit funny πŸ˜›

anyway, my boss said “i could never be a squirrel trainer cuz I don’t have the patience for that”

and i was like yoooo so many things are jacked up about that sentence


but i responded “patience is something we are hopefully growing in, so i’m sure you could train squirrels eventually if you really wanted to”

lol πŸ™‚

he didn’t seem like he had considered that

he was trying to own the persona of “i’m an impatient person”

ladies and gents, let’s not let this be an excuse for acting out or acting up. taking anger out on other people. if you’re a Christian.

and even if you are not a christian, realize that our patience isΒ tested so that we will become more patient. God wants us to grow more like Christ and live the best possible life that He designed for us including loving other people properly by being patient with them!!!! i know it’s not easy sometimes, but it’s always worth it

be patient, be kind, be loving all the time

hard, i know.

easy? to preach. to speak. to advise others.

just remember, never pray for patience. God will answer that prayer πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ hahaha πŸ˜‰ ;P πŸ˜›

only joking.

ask for it

it’s a great way to live


I really must go to bed

I got distracted cuz I totes just won a contest on facebook!!! hoorrrrrrrrrrrrayyyyyy I won a free bachata t-shirt and 2 free entries into 2 upcoming dancing events! I am pumped. yusssss

all because I advertised for my frands dance company…. they are the bomb. such good people. and I’m so glad I was motivated to advertise for them and tag a bunch of peoples who have never been dancing! heck yea!


on that note

I was gonna tell another side story but what was it…


it was about an empty cup… and the sound that is made when you drop things into the empty cup. this is a word, so hang tight for a mo

when you drop things that are not of substance into the cup, the cup will never be filled up and the same hollow sound will be made continually as you drop things in the cup. but if you fill the cup up with long-lasting things/ things of substance, the cup will begin to fill up and the sound will be less hollow.

life application: if you are a cup, what are you filling your cup with? things of substance? or things that leave you feeling hollow.

NEWFLASH: fill your life with the Truth of Christ by building a relationship with the God of the bible. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

“Seek first the kingdom, and His righteousness, and all these things will be added”. Matthew 6:33

Seek God, and He will bring substance. He will bring meaning. He will bring satisfaction.

Oh Gosh. 12:42






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