life is good. Sometimes I feel too busy to write. Too busy to chill. To be still. Even now as I type my body feels adrenaline and energy. I would like to thank my pool for that, as I had the privilege of going swimming this morning! I honestly feel better getting less sleep…

Also, I’m trying to eat less sugar/carby stuff as well. I have more energy when I don’t eat large quantities of carby sugar. It makes me wanna nap when I do. Eating smaller portions in general has been good. Getting in touch with my body. For real, for real. Getting healthy. Eating less junk not because I hate it or hate myself, but because I can recognize what makes me feel good. My mental state is in a whoooooole different place now. I am thankful. So so thankful.

I’m about to head out and go for my very FIRST massage!!!!!!!!!! Complete with a full body scrub! Not sure what that entails but it sounds luxurious. I hear I’m going to fall asleep. I also might cry. Which is quite alright. I’ma rest and it’s going to be great!!!!!!!!

After my massage I’m going to my cousin Natalie’s house! She’s going to feed me dinner and we’re going to enjoy some chocolate wine together!!!! We’ll chat, catch up, she’ll spoil me, I’m sure! Perhaps watch a movie or a show. I am sooo excited. 😀 <3 😀 <3

Rest. I planned some rest for myself tonight. 😀 And earlier today I rested in the presence of the Lord as well! I went to a spectacular prayer meeting with two beautiful, lovely women of God and we had an awesome time of prayer and singing. We talked about the authority we have as believers to pray and believe. To ask the impossible of God. To go before Him and trust Him and fight the spiritual battles we’re called to fight.

It’s so important to know who we are. Do you know who you are? What gives you worth? What makes you a valuable human being? If not, know this: you are made in the image of God. He created you from dust and dirt and breathed life into you. He knows everything about you and created you with specific purposes.

Do not be afraid of life. Fear holds us back. Fear tells us lies. Fear is not from God.

Mmmmk that’s all. Get some rest peoples. <3



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