sometimes on Mondays and Thursdays my friend and I get bagels. well, I pick up bagels for the two of us. I go to one of two Panera’s along the route from my house to her house. One of the Panera’s is surely lucky because I keep getting free stuff whenever I go in!

On my birthday the chica helping me didn’t charge me for the three cream cheeses I ordered (valued at $1.30 each!) and then she asked me what my favorite pastry was and gave it to me. She might do this for all her customers, buuuuut it still made me feel special! 😀 I asked for a chocolate chip cookie and she gave me one. After I paid, she grabbed another cookie and shoved it into the bag with my bagels! Yaaaaaaaaas happy birthday to meeeeeee happy birthday to meeeee!


It’s been about six weeks since I went to that Panera, and I went back today. There was a fellow working there that I had never seen before. When I walked up to the register he said “my goodness, your eyes are beautiful! Lord have mercy.” hahaha 😛

I ordered my usual four bagels and three cream cheeses, which usually comes to $9.70. He rang it up and then starting typing all sorts of things on the computer. Next thing you know my total went down to $3.39! He handed me the receipt and said “I gave you my discount.” hahaha YAS!

When he handed me the bagels, he grabbed a chocolate chip cookie and gave me that as well. YAAAAAS hahahah

I was blessed. Very blessed. Smiling Broadly! 😀 Thanks God.

God blesses me with fun foods all the time. I am so thankful. Life is truly about the little things.

Plus, my friend was going to treat us to the bagels today sooo she was super happy that errthang was 1/3 of the price! $$$$$ <3 She said “You’re always getting free stuff. I have to take you everywhere.” 🙂

Giving is sooo much better than receiving. I mean, obviously receiving is awesome too!!!!!!!!!! Blessed me like crazy. But I do love giving.

Go out and give today people! Give.


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