hey there

hey guyz

It’s been a little bit so I jest wanted to write a wee post for the sake of it!

I’m currently at work and my client and my boss are both sleeping. I was kinda sleeping there for a second too. Maybe it’s the couches. Or the time of day. Maybe it’s the weather. Or we’re all just tired. Regardless of the reason, I am happy for this bit of quiet…

Though now I’ve got my shoulders all tensed up as I type this out thinking the sound of typing is too loud and going to wake them up.

Aside from that it’s 3:55 which means 2 annoying clocks are about to go off in birdsong and loud chiming to mark the sixteenth hour. There’s nothing I can do about that! I wonder if at that point my boss will get up and move since he’ll have been there an hour.

Interesting post, aye.


isn’t this darling? It’s a little Christmas village that lives on the countertop around Christmas time. Though last year it stayed out til almost June!!!!!! I jjust think of that Gretchen Wilson song “Redneck Woman”

“And I keep my Christmas lights on on my front porch all year long” hehe


and this <3 <3 <3 ahhh I love shiny & bright Christmas objects 😀


Though I am being needed elsewhere. I shall return.


Hey there

I’m off work now! And diffusing oils from my amazingggggg new essential oil diffuser! Check it out using this link!


Though this one is essentially the same 😉



And cheaper 😛

AHhhh I’m feeling better already. I mean, I think I’ve been feeling gradually better and better all day, but there were a couple moments when I was like ummmmmm am I worse? WHAT’S GOING ON I’VE LITERALLY DONE NOTHING

except worked. there was that whole working 9-6 thing.

Sometimes it’s hard for me to tell if moving more is what I need, or if resting is what I need. But I think this time it’s rest. I don’t think I’ll regret resting more 🙂

So now I work on dutiful & productive writing projects. (this one wasn’t included but I guess it could be… lol)

God bless & hava great Saturday night everyone!



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