It’s Not What You Think book review

Jefferson Bethke’s second book It’s Not What You Think has been on my wish list for months. I finally splurged and bought it for myself in the beginning of December, as an early Christmas present. I also bought my best friend, Alex, a copy (which she has yet to receive)– it’s comin’ girl!!

It was definitely worth waiting for. Jeff’s style is very simple. He’s on the money when he speaks and writes. To the point. And he’s totally himself. He’s true and authentic, doesn’t beat around the bush, and is very relatable; as a fellow 20something in this day in age.


He has a refreshing way of looking at traditional beliefs that make them interesting again. Chapter 5 is all about the Sabbath and how important it is to celebrate it. He also discusses what the Sabbath is actually intended for, and how the design of the week makes sense. Sabbath is for resting, but it’s also for playing, celebrating, worshipping, praising, being with family and friends and enjoying good food, drink and conversation.

Chapter 6 is about worship, and which god people are worshipping. Everyone has a god, whether it’s love, money, sex, exercise, science, power. Bethke makes you question who’s on the pedestal, and whether or not that god is fulfilling you or keeping your life empty and average.

In Chapter 8, he talks about scars, and how every scar tells a story of healing. How we must embrace our scars and be glad that they’re no longer open wounds. They’re healed, we learned something from them, and they make us who we are:  a real human with a real history, who suffered real pain.

Are you someone who’s unsure which god you’re worshipping? Check dis out

Are you wondering why so many people believe in Jesus Christ or would want an identity in Him? Dis is for you

Are you unfulfilled and trying to find a satisfying lifestyle? Read it!

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always chasing part II

“In the grand scheme of things, this moment is a speck. But in this moment right now, it’s my everything.”



She tells me that she’s passed into the threshold of caring about him.

She tells me that her head spins with anxiety and doubt, hoping to hear from him.

…how he’s 32 and couldn’t be leading her on

She tells me that their time spent together is so natural

She also says she has parts of herself hidden away

That she’s afraid to open up about her true feelings because she doesn’t want to scare him away

She tells me that she hasn’t slept in days contemplating the possibility of a reality with him

She tells me that he isn’t in a good place to have a relationship

She tells me she needs reassurance


&& I listen to her words with a pang in my heart

For painting that same story was a suffering art

Always reaching for the broken though the broken denies your hand

And then making it your mission to become part of the broken clan

Sing their songs and dance their dance, and perhaps you’ll win their heart

But hiding your values from judgemental eyes only sets a saint apart

From love

From life

From moral understanding

And at worst, apart from God

For a worldly test, a failed test nonetheless, uncovers the falsities that are sought.

I have dreams about chasing. But relationships shouldn’t be based on chasing. It’s too tolling. We need to communicate with each other and be on the same page as the people we surround ourselves with. Otherwise everyone would be either be mindlessly babbling or purposely isolating themselves.

lovemekittyOnce again, Love is like a fart. If you have to force it, it’s probably crap.”