My Legacy

Today was a strange day.

I think because of the way it started. I woke up several times thinking that I was oversleeping and was going to miss my appointment. Do you ever have that feeling?

Each time I woke up and realized I still had ~3 hours, then ~2 hours then ~30 minutes I was both relieved and annoyed at the same time.

Sometimes I can’t calm the adrenaline. I can’t calm the feeling of anxiousness. Alertness. “On”ness.

Sometimes it feels like a high speed chase. Sometimes it feels like a race.

Sometimes I wish I could slow down my pace, which is funny cuz that’s exactly what GOD said

Listen to me child, or you’ll end up in bed

Don’t run so hard, don’t play so hard, you don’t have to do all the things

But did I stop and listen to GOD? If I had, I wouldn’t be writing.

He said “don’t go, not today, listen to your pain. That stiffness you feel is because your body’s not trained.

Sit down, relax, go later or tomorrow. Heed my advice, daugher, have some coffee and fodder” (lol I love slippin’ the word “fodder” in when I can 😂) … (even tho I’m not a cow. DON’T YOU DARE COMMENT!!) … (jk)






God is always looking out for us. He wants to help us take care of our temples well.

He put this on my heart tonight: what I want people to remember about me after I die. So I made a list, which looks kinda like dis:


stood up for Jesus.

walked the talk. Did what she said she would do, and wasn’t a hypocrite.

was quick to confess when she did wrong, and ask for forgiveness.

was quick to forgive others when they wronged her.

stood up for justice.

gave God all the glory in whatever she did.

acknowledged that it was all God’s grace… that she lived, walked, and had her being.

feared only God.

lived to please God.

shamelessly shared about her faith and testimony.

took care of her temple.

followed God and didn’t run ahead of Him!!

considered others as better than herself.

worked hard with her hands to provide for herself (and her family).

never doubted, for a moment, that God would give her all that she needed.

leaned on Him completely for direction.

spoke often of her privilege to walk with Him.

filled her head with things that were lovely, pure, excellent.

filled her head with things that were praise-worthy, and true.

filled her head with things that were just and honorable.

took every thought captive and made it obedient to Christ.






This is what I want my legacy to be.

Lord… thank you for making me more like You and less like me every day. As I fill my mind with Your Word, I dwell on it. I choose to dwell on what’s True. You tell us that all Your Word is True. Thank you for granting me eyes to see the Truth. Lord, thank you for dwelling and dining with me. I would be utterly lost and hopeless if not for the riches of your grace… you have made me rich. Free, rich, righteous. What more could I ask for? Only to help me stay my eyes on you. 




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