Friday night.
About to go to work.
Work tomorrow.
And sabbath.
Easter Sunday.

It’s strange because normally I have things to look forward to.
Is this beautiful life not enough?

How about contentment.
I say that I am.
Sometimes I am.
Usually I am, I would say.

Though it’s hard during this time.
When we’re so limited.
Though I love the rest.
I love the routine.
I love the cooking.
I love the exercise.
I love… the bible study.

I love the intimacy with the Lord.

Yes. Sitting in His presence.
And He speaks.
And He answers prayers.
And He is so sweet.

Here. Omnipresent. Available. Counseling. Comforting. Alive.

Where have I been? You’ve been here all along. And I?? I miss your presence. Yes, You’ve reminded me of Your sweetness yet again.

I have started SO many drafts on this blog. I usually start them when I’m exhausted and half asleep. Like meow. Though I need to get up and go to work. Going to text my client now actually.


Texted her. On my laptop. What an amazing world we live in. God is so incredibly amazing to have given us the capability to come up with all that we have. Simple amazing. Indescribably so.

Lord God, I am so privileged. You have just reminded me of the revelation I had the other night when I was turning the key on my back door. I though, Lord THANK YOU that I have a back door and a key to turn into it. You provision is insane. And I recognize that I’m only here in this house because of your goodness and grace. I love it here.  It’s perfect for me. Thank you Jesus. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for taking care of me. Thank you for teaching me discipline. Thank you for teaching me how to live on my own without resorting to escapist activities. You have brought me SO far. I love and rely on you completely. 




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