The Peace of God

Is given to us by God

Is taken from us by God

When we separate ourselves from Him

When we go even a degree astray from what He will have us to do

Have you ever been in a situation that you knew you shouldn’t be in. And the Lord told you to pull the plug on the whole thing. He told you to GET OUT. He told you that you would remunerate for your choice; whichever one you pick.

Have you ever heard God’s still, small voice guiding and nudging you gently; even as an answer to a prayer.

Take heed, my friends. Listen when God is talking. He knows best. Don’t waste time saying “was that God or was that me”. If you sense in your spirit that it was the Lord, pray and ask God for a confirmation that it was Him.

But for those of you who upon hearing His voice already KNOW that it was a confirmation; take heed. Listen. Act accordingly. Respond obediently.

Lord, Father, Dad, 

I thank you for your still, small voice which penetrates my mind and echoes all day and night long. Even after a situation has come to a completely halt and I’ve known in my heart what I should have done and still didn’t do it; you continue to lead me, and I thank you. Lord I thank you for your lordship over my life. I recognize that I am entirely in your hands and OH what a safe place to be!!!!!!!! Yesterday I said to someone, “sometimes I wish someone would just tell me exactly what to do and exactly where to go. God, I mean”. Your Holy Spirit does a great job of this. He does the best job of this, since Your timing is *perfect* and y’all are of one accord.



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