Entrepreneur Life

I awoke at 3:00am.

Doesn’t sound too good so far, does it?

Well, I was sick yesterday, you see. A little head cold. I slept a lot. And by 3:00 I was ready to get up.

So get up I did.

hahaha πŸ™‚

I was thinking yesterday about how I feel like I have dyslexia sometimes. I mean, the above statement was to be funny, but I do order my sentences rather strangely a lot. My syntax is all sorts of jacked up.

But even if I do, so be it. God didn’t make a mistake πŸ˜›

So back to the entrepreneur life.

I’m in my bed.

Eating bread.

And butterrrrrrrrr

Just finished my coffee

and now am drinking waterrrrr

Lol I think this post is the product of having too much time on my hands.

Not a bad realization for it only being 7:30am! lol

I just praise God that I’m feeling loads better. Head colds are no fun. But I, as usual, am thankful for my cold. It gave me lots of time to think about love and life and choices. I had some good alone time with my Lord. Jesus, that is. Not Netflix or all the other gods people are worshiping these days.

So that entrepreneur thing. I am gonna do some WORK today. Do some reach-outs, some follow-ups. Some self-development. Maintaining the vision is important to stay motivated because nobody is telling me what to do! I look around the office (my bedroom) and wonder why nobody is doing their job. My eyes rest on the only person in the room to call out: it’s me.

“VELVET GET TO WORK!” I say to myself.

“Hey, take it easy on me, I’m new at this”. hahaha

But for real, guys. Self discipline at home is HARD!

I set my deadlines. I set my goals. I do the work.

But it reallyΒ issssssssss nice to be able to chill at home, do laundry etc., connect with people I haven’t talked to in forever…

I decide when to take breaks. Where I wanna do my work. I might go to the library today. Or to a coffee shop. One thing on my to-do list is to plan another party for the end of this month. Sunday March 29th?

Mmk. I’m going to go for now, and read part of a book on self-development before jumping into IPA’s.



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    1. Hahaha uhoh… the interesting adjective is usually never good …. πŸ˜› also, hello! Long time no chat. Hope you are well!

      1. It really was interesting. I am fine, just haven’t posted anything in a year, but I will one of these days. Hope you are well.

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