I used to rest in the shadows of maple trees

I used to lay in the grass and listen to the buzzing of flies and bees

I used to chew on tall pieces of grass

and collect scattered chestnuts from the tree down the road

I remember passing your house and wondering if you had a good life. I wondered if your parents spoiled you and if they even really cared

I used to sit by the radiator in my bedroom and listen

I used to sit on my bed and sing

What days those were, where I had all the time in the world

To sit

To be

To have no schedule

To roam through the fields that connected one person’s yard to the next.

To take off my shoes and wade the stream, looking out for sharp rocks





I miss going on bike rides

I miss hiking in the mountains

I miss justĀ being out there without a goal in my mind, except to go further than I had ever gone before



It’s out there

Nature is right out my window

I hear bird songs and see lots of trees

I must find out

I must seek the quiet

It’s there

Whatever you seek, you will find.




I hope this day finds you fantastically well!




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