dance crush

dang it guys.

I just went salsa dancing and it was fun. but…….

I didn’t get to dance with my crush!

We even walked in at the same time and he said “hello” and “nice to see you” and gave me a hug… and then he said “save me a dance?” and I said “absolutely.”

Well. That dance didn’t happen. Hmmmmm

Though it was for a good reason. I was talking to someone about Jesus. I got to speak a lot of truth about scripture to a guy who’s catholic. I asked him these questions:

  1. what’s up with purgatory?
  2. what’s up with confession?
  3. why do you pray to the saints?
  4. do you know that you’re a saint?
  5. do you know that you have the same power in the Holy Spirit that rose Jesus from the dead?

So. the conversation was lasting. And my dance time slowly trickled away. Though I don’t doubt that that’s exactly where God wanted me to be.

I will dance again soon. But perhaps this man will start living by the Truth of scripture… and believe what Jesus actually did, said, and what it means for us now.

This man understanding the truth is much more important than me dancing with my dance crush. It just goes to show my self-focused attitude. Sigh!

On that note, I’ma go to bed. Gonna hit the hay. Hope yall have a good night.

OH! I’m going to treat this like an opportunity. Not an interruption. God is in control, and God is good.


Ps. this all came about because this guy asked for my number. hahaha sooo many opportunities to witness. 😛



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