So I wanted to write again today. Here we are.

Sunday night. 6:49.  I have work at 9. I think I’ll take a walk soon. I have some adrenaline because of hiking and dancing last night. I think walking will help clear my head. It’s nice living in this neighborhood with lots of streetlights … and it’s only one way in and one way out so it feels safe. Not to mention its’ general ritziness. Or is it ritzyness… haha oh well


Yeah walking didn’t happen. It’s now 11:17pm and I got home from work a couple minutes ago. I’m not sad about walking though because I ended up playing guitar and singing and working on writing a song instead. <3 So that was lovely <3

Ears are still ringing from this morning. So it’s been almost 24 hours of tinnitus. Hmmmm hopefully this isn’t anything to be concerned about. I do know one thing though. I refuse to Google my condition. hahah

Mmmmkay going to bed now. Can’t think of anything to write or focus. Ha




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