I love order.

I think that’s the nice way for a control freak to sound less controlling.

Haha only joking. Order and control do coincide with each other I suppose. When something is orderly, it is controlled in a sense. But trying to control something doesn’t guarantee order. So perhaps we have one without the other.

I would rather things be ordered than to grasp onto the notion that I actually have control over anything.

Debatable, some may say. I control what I eat or don’t eat, where I go or don’t go, what I wear or don’t wear etc.

But only to an extent. See, I only have access to the food that I eat, the places that I go and the clothes that I wear by the grace of God.

Life changes constantly. I may go to my favorite grocery store thinking I’m going to buy my favorite protein bars and they may have ran out. I might plan on going to an even one night but don’t feel well leading up to it and have to cancel. Or my car could break down.

Yes, some may say, but that’s a stretch. Surely we have some control. And yes, surely, we do.

Order precedes control to an extent. When my life has more order, I do feel more in control. Because my brain is functioning better, I’m getting enough rest, eating the right foods, taking the proper measures to take care of myself… yes. When I have taking care of my temple (my body) a priority, I do feel more in control. I feel better all around.

Discipline. It partially comes down to discipline. Saying yes to things, people and activities that bring life, and no to ones that bring death. If you aren’t a christian, you don’t know what I mean. Things that bring death are sin. Things outside the will of God. Not just drunkenness, sex before marriage, murder. Sin for an individual could come down to saying something you shouldn’t have said, not saying something you should have said, going somewhere you shouldn’t have gone, doing something with the wrong motive. God sees the heart. He knows our motives and intentions.

The question I always have to ask when I am faced with a choice is: am I bringing glory to God in this moment or am I bringing glory to myself? Am I building my kingdom or His?

Selfish ambition often leads us to waste so much daggone time. So much time that could have been spent in a fruitful way. Like tonight, I could go out, get a drink, and go dancing. And a big part of me really wants to do that. But I’m not going to. As I wrote that sentence I almost wrote “unless I finish everything I want to do”. But that’s not true. It wouldn’t be good for me if I went out tonight. Instead this is what I’ma do:

  1. Film 4 videos
  2. Read
  3. Shower
  4. Go to bed early
  5. Possibly buy some tequila

That’s it. It’s been a long week and I need to go to bed early. I am tired. Tomorrow is also going to be a long day. I probably will save #5 for tomorrow even though the ABC liquor store is one mile away from my house. Praise God that I don’t have a drinking problem. Truly. Oh, I just remembered that I’m supposed to call my oldest brother. I might do that too. But we always talk for ~1.5 hours. Maybe after I film I will call him and go for a walk. Or I may call him tomorrow instead. Sigh

So. Order. This post is about order. I’m going to take my orderly, disciplined self and film these videos. Batch filming is the way to go. I’m excited about these topics too! Here they are:

  1. Solitude verses isolation
  2. 5 Reasons to Join a Church/Small Group
  3. Why You Should Rest More
  4. 5 Ways to Be Disciplined About Bible Time

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mmmk. One last thought (I say this a lot right before relaying numerous thoughts FYI), I don’t want to be in control. God’s got that, and it’s going well 😉 However, I do want order. And the only way to attain order is to live life according to God’s design. When my life lines up with scripture in the will of God, everything is a whole lot better.

That doesn’t mean that it’s going to stay consistently better forever. No, things change. New challenges rise up. The wisest thing we can do is seek God’s face in these times. I’m preaching to myself here 😛

It helps prepare a person to already be living an orderly life (or as close as we can get to orderly) when the storms come. When you build your house on the Rock, your house will be able to weather the storm.

Lord Jesus, thank you being my Rock. Thank you for giving me order. Thank you for teaching me the best way to live… the way of the straight and narrow path. Lord, I thank you for providing so well for me. You give me everything that I need and you promise that you always will. Thank you for giving me the faith to believe your promises. You always keep your promises and never go back on your word. Thank you for sharing Truth with me. I would be lost without you. Absolutely lost. Thank you for forgiving me for the times I still get lost when I take my eyes off of you. I trust you and love you. Amen.




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