Go Time

I’ve got my Zevia tea (extra 45mg caffeine), hipster denim button down (cuz the AC be blastin’) and my homework (STUDY BOOKS) && …..

I’m ready to WORK.

I’m at Whole Foods. Something about being in a busy environment helps me focus. It helps me succeed faster. The hardest part for me is making the time. Scheduling time to work towards my goals. After all, books don’t write themselves, videos don’t create themselves, songs don’t write themselves. We have to do the work.

And I am thankful for this privilege; to have the time, the focus, the health required. The drive. The motivation. And I attribute all of these gifts to the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Join me in following through with your goals. Make a date to do the work.

Now go get ’em tigers. <3



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