Good morning

to all!

It’s Sunday and the sun has risen. It’s consistency is quite respectable, I must say. It rises every morning and shines brightly. It’s rays touched the blender that’s been leaning against my back wall for the last 7 months ever since I brought it home from my mom’s house at Christmas-time. I haven’t used it once. Maybe I should make a smoothie. Thanks, Sunny!

Lol okay I’ve thought about making smoothies other days and times besides this morning when a tall ray of sun was grasping at it. Maybe this time I’ll act.

Things I should do:

  1. Make a smoothie. Though I don’t have a lot of space to set up the blender. I realize it doesn’t take much, but this has honestly been a mental block for me. I’ve just decided I’m going to clear off a place on my pantry-like shelf so I can use the blender. BOOM
  2. Set up my music recording stuff. The reason why I haven’t done this yet is because I don’t have a sturdy table, and I definitely don’t wanna put a bunch of expensive equipment on a flimsy card table. I’ve just decided I’m going to stop being non-con-fron-tat-ion-al and ask my roomie/landlord if I can borrow his SUPER STURDY TABLE THAT’S LITERALLY IN THE HALL 10 FEET AWAY.
    1. Here’s the thing guys; it was in this room with me before, but he took it out because he wants to protect it and he knows I’ve had some parties. Whoa whoa WHOA not “those” kinda parties. But, y’know parties. With beverages and snacks and things. And hey, life happens. I get it. However, there is no reason for me not to ask if I could use the table if he and I take measures to make sure it stays protected. It’ll just be for electronics after all.
    2. I think that what has stopped me has been… fear of rejection. Which is absurd. It’s just a table. Also, I like to be as little of a nuisance/inconvenience as possible. Also, if something happened to his table while I was using it I would feel really bad and definitely would not want to pay for whatever it would cost to fix the dang thing. So that is another fear I suppose.
    3. Fear no more. If he says “no” I’m going to the Alley Cat and buying an additional table. It’s a thrift shop people. Although the name definitely suggests otherwise.
  3. Take some solid pictures of the crystal dish set I have stacked in boxes against the wall so I can sell it. I also have been thinking I need a better table to do this too. Also I have better things to do than pull all those dishes out the box and photograph them. Also, I am lazy. Yes, I believe it comes down to the last point on this one. Lay-Zee


Welp. That was a pretty boring to-do list. Apologies for putting you through reading that. I really never have any idea what’s going to come out when I’m writing on here. I honestly just start reading and see what happens usually… Hahha 🙂

It’s almost 7:30am and I’m going to leave for church in a few. On the way I’ma stop and get a coffee cuz I RAN OUT this morning. Okay, yesterday morning. So at least it wasn’t a shock when I went to go make a cup and got my little aeropress alllllllll set up and there was only 1/3 the amount of coffee needed. Yeah, no. Outta coffee but it’s okay, I got options. One of the reasons I love living in an area where stores are close by. It’s convenient to swing through a drive-thru and get some Joe on days like today.

Okay I think I need to take a shower after using the word “Joe” to describe my coffee. Not only was that the name of my ex, but there’s also something about it that makes me want to punch myself in the face.

Hahahah umm I think I have a little too much energy from being cooked (kook’d?) up the last couple days with my bum knee. Hahahah 😀 I’m dying. Side note I also think it’s really funny that so many people are saying “I’m dead” when they think a joke is really funny nowadays.

“I have died” No you didn’t, you liar. Because ghosts can’t talk or type. I’m dying is at least a little bit more believable.

Umm okay, now I’m going to church so I can cleanse my soul from all this ridiculousness that I’m pouring out on here. Pray for me, I need it. <3

And I’ll pray for you too! For realsies, God is good, it’s a beautiful day, and I’m happy to be alive! Plus, my knee(s) are feeling much better thankfully. Having two legs to walk on normally is a huge blessing. If you’ve ever had a broken leg or crutches or whatever I just had you’ll agree. Or maybe you’ve never had two working legs, or you weren’t able to recover from a leg injury. If that’s the case, I pray for you especially, and empathize with you. Just having to limp around and prop up my leg for the last couple days has been annoying and discouraging and I’m truly thankful it’s pretty much over.

Mmmk on that note




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