It’s been a while! I miss writing. I’ve been trying to sit down and write a post for a minute but haven’t had a whole lot of opportunities to do so! But here we are ^_^

Happy Sunday everyone. With only 40 minutes left of the day, perhaps I should say happy Monday to all you early risin’ readers. I personally won’t be waking up til… 7ish tomorrow. Going to work at 8ish. Then the store, then studying books, swimming… bible study, work.

Days and weeks are packed, but life is good. And God still gives me time to rest. He has taught me how to rest better. He taught me why I need rest and how to set proper boundaries for rest. He taught me that resting isn’t always sitting around doing nothing or reading, but sometimes it’s walking outside, or singing, writing, or having fellowship with good people.

Yes, God is good, rest is good, and I have learned a lot. I have so much left to learn, but I depend on and trust in the Lord’s wisdom to guide my steps!

This week I’m excited for Tuesday because it’s dress-like-a-cow-and-get-free-chick-fil-a. Yep. Definitely know what I’m having for dinner on Tuesday night! Then my chicken experience will be followed by salsa dancing, and possibly a trip to the beach.

It’s crazy how the weeks fly by. But God is doing big things and working in big ways. I’m so thankful to Him and the work that He has done in my heart and the gifts that he showers me with everyday in life; despite my mistakes and failures.

It’s so interesting how He answers prayers too…. He knows the desires of my heart but is choosing to answer them in unexpected ways.  I will expand on this when there’s more information and confirmation to be put out there. 😉 <3

My laptop is about to die and I’m too lazy to walk into the next room and get my charger; and I should also go to bed. So.

That concludes tonight’s mini-update. More later folks.




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