1:58 AM

and I am awake again. But that’s because….

Okay, I could honestly always come up with a “but that’s because” whenever I want to justify staying up late. And I know I jeeeeeeeeest wrote that daggone post about needing to sleep and rest and how sleep deprivation makes me cray etc etc etc


But I can explain.

I was having a much needed conversation with someone very important to me. We talked for 5 hours straight. I am not surprised by this because that’s what we have always done. Time flies when I’m with this person.

We had a real talk where we told each other the truth about how we felt. I had been worried because I knew I was going to see this person tonight and I was scared they would act indifferent around me. I thought they would act like they didn’t care.

However, it was the opposite.

They were the most caring and affectionate and focused I have ever seen them before. Not to say they have never been affectionate or caring or focused. But they were doubly so tonight. Triply. Quadrupley.

“Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you got til it’s gone?” Joni Mitchells

We strengthened a bridge tonight. Truth was spoken. Authentic vulnerability was displayed.

I feel lighter. I feel better. I feel freer. I feel peaceful. I trust the process.

I trust God’s process.


And it’s now 2:10 AM


I don’t have to start work at any particular time in the morning.

I have a lunch date at 12/1230 (can’t remember which!) and then another client at 2. Then swimming (GOD WILLING) then a coffee date with a girlfriend. Then a dinner date with another girlfriend. Praise God for good friends and good food and a flexible schedule!

Not to mention, I don’t have my night shift tomorrow night! And all I have on Thursday is work 12-3, and 8:30-12.



God is good. God is gracious. All good and perfect gifts come from Him <3 🙂

MMK  time for sleep.

Good night y’all 🙂




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