Almost 1 a.m.

Again. I’m up this late most nights now. I rely on naps to keep me going through the day. I don’t always get them. So I have more coffee instead. And then my body wonders were that extra caffeine is on the days that I don’t have extra coffee or naps.

I work tomorrow from 9-6, and then again from 8-10. The question is…. (drum roll please) …

to dance or not to dance

seems like an easy decision: dance!

But I wouldn’t get to the place until 10:45pm. And I would stay until … 1:30? Wouldn’t get home til ~2:30.

I would need to wind down when I got home too. So I would probably be in bed by 3. And then I start work Saturday at 9:00am.


If I don’t go dancing, I will work 8-10ish. Not rushed. Then go home. 10:30. Maybe film a video. Or just go to bed by 11. Catch up on a bit of sleep.

Have a longer quiet time in the morning before work.

I’ll let y’all know what I do. Now I gotta get to bed before I eat half a jar of peanut butter. Haha the struggle is real.

Also, check out my latest video: 



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