how to live intentionally

happy vernal equinox!

today is the first day of spring. today is the beginning of a new season. today is a new opportunity to shed light on the things that God wants me to do.



living intentionally.

i have had things on my mind for quite some time:

-writing my book

-producing videos

-working on more music

three things which I often put to the back burner. i do make time for blogging, but that’s about the extent of my writing these days. i have let distractions take over (such as cute men) and have to make a decision:

am i going to pursue dating and relationships, or am i going to pursue using my gifts and talents in my creative endeavors? both are very time consuming. but if i make a conscious decision about which one im going to pursue, i will have more focus.

and what about punctuation and capital letters

maybe i should start being less lazy in my typing

tho sometimes when i’m writing poetry i think the lack of proper punctuation adds something to the text

though in general, perhaps it’s better to use punctuation

in this era of rapid messaging i definitely let my proper punctuation slip to the wayside. it takes too long

it’s a little unnecessary

people understand what you’re saying

but perhaps i’ll try



I think I should at least give focusing on my creativity a try at any rate. Haven’t done a lot lately, yet still complain that I “wish” I could.

Funny since the only person stopping me from succeeding is MYSELF.

Mmk, wake-up call.

I’m going to go film a video now.

Ps. Check out my YouTube channel:


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