holy caffeine

so I’m feeling a little bit jittery and I’ll tell you why.

coffee. caffeine.

I’ve been cutting down the last couple weeks and actually was trying to quit. But I did it crazy, like my all-or-nothing self tends to do, and just totally stopped all caffeine intake for a few. And I was starting to get a head cold because of the withdrawals #facepalm

anyway, I’ve been having a cup of coffee each day, which is better than 2 every day, and sometimes a third special drink every couple days…

today I had a k-cup (120mg of caffeine) and then I went to starbucks to get a “tall” dark roast, which I THOUGHT would also have only 120ish mg’s but NOPE I just googled the caffeine content and it’s a whopping 260mg!!!!!!!!!!! :O

I could NOT believe it! And to top that off, I also bought a Zevia cola which had 45mg of caffeine. Gee whillickers, I’m caffeinated!!!!!!!

And also fasting #facepalmagain, so my body is like umm what. Some of yall might be like “you ain’t fasting if you having caffeine but listen.

I’m still hearing from God and have enjoyed His presence greatly today, thank YOU. (imagine me saying the “you” part very high pitched) 😀

Anyways. I’m off to go salsa dancing in just a little bit here. Hopefully some of my favorite dancerz will be der!

I miss writing about dancing! It was super fun to build up the anticipation with a post about dancing, doing some writing before I went and finishing the post afterwards. I won’t be able to do that tonight because I’m leaving my laptop at home because it’s so dang cold that I don’t want it to stay in my car for several hours while I’m dancing. But I’ll try to do one of those posts soon.

Random question for thought: have you ever anticipated something for a super long time just to try and ward it off when it finally comes around??!

Liiiiike “all talk, no action”? I wish I wasn’t this way, but I diffuse too many words quite often and then end up regretting it. But here we are, with something anticipatory in my midst, and I’m looking at it in the mouth, like that old horse that was gifted to someone rude long ago. I spose I’m just like that new horse owner. Unless he/she actually succeeded in giving the horse back to its’ original owner?? Idk whatever happened to that rude, obnoxious giftee of the horse, though we know we don’t want to be like them.

But I am :/ at first, at second, at third. God knows better what I need for myself and I usually have trouble seeing that bigger picture a lot. Until later when my precise 20/20 vision comes into focus when I’m looking back at the way God played things out for me. Only then am I able to be like “wow. you dunnit again Lord”.

Anyway, I just got a


So I forgot to post this earlier so I’m posting it meow! Just danced and it was supah funz. Got to dance wit a couple of my faves anddd yeah good time all around!

Now it’s 2:19am and I got to go to bed cuz I have to get up in 6 hours and start another day!

Buenas noches friends. Look for the beauty in life!

XXX <3


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