God, I trust you.

Though it’s hard

Though I want to go my own way

Though I don’t want to be alone

Though I want people to like me

Though I want the world to like me

Though I know you know best

I know you love me

I know you care for me

I know you know better than me

I know you protect and shield me

I know you go before me, and behind me, and hem me in

I want to trust you God.

So help me trust you, and help me see you, and help me choose you

And take away my fears of not being liked

And take away my fears of being alone.

For I am set apart

and I am victorious in you

and I have all that I need

and I am light

Thanks to you.

Thank you for including me in your family.

Thank you for wanting me around.

Thank you for patiently teaching me how to live the right way.

Thank you for being just, and for implementing consequences when I choose to turn my own way.

I need you, Lord. I need help choosing you.

Thank you for choosing me.

T R U S T    T   R   U   S   T   T R U S T    T   R   U   S   T   T R U S T

xxx <3


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