night owl

I feel like I’m growing feathers and turning into a night owl. It’s weird

It has been years that I’ve gone to bed freakin’ early and convinced myself I need 9 hours of sleep. Okay, that includes the time it takes to fall asleep but still. I have always heard about those people that only need 6 hours of sleep and I’ve been like nahhhh …. wait … what’s wrong wichu?

But I think it’s a thing. I will say, this did not happen overnight. My body has gotten a lot healthier over the last few years and I’m more resilient and strong and have more endurance about life in general. I can people for longer, go without getting sick (!!!!!!!!!!!!) for a long time

Actually I’ma camp on that statement for a little bit becowz (as my  Spanish teacher in college used to say… “Becowz I’m a meh-hee-can woe-man”) it is truly significant. It’s evidence that God has changed me. I used to get sick a lot and would get bad stuff that last 7-10 days. We talkin’ bein’ in my bed for 7-10 days, feelin’ like doodoo and not getting any better. hahahah I’m so sorry I just said doodoo. I can’t even use the excuse that I’m tired because I just said that whole thing about becoming a night owl! Gah I annoy myself.

I have to be up in 7 hours so I can help my new client before I go to a meeting. LOL I’m actually sleeping at her house right now. I just can’t stay at home. *Shrug*

Well, I should be there tomorrow night which will be nice. And hopefully my cousin will stay with me! I think she is also going to work for the lady I just started with which is good! We’ll find out tomorrow after she meets her.

Good news……… today I got a check from the family who I was considered the “Adopted granddaugher” at. And they hooked a sista up. Like, they only owed me $500. And they gave me $1400

money errwerr.gif

Yesssssss GOD IS SO GOOD! I am no longer worrying about making enough money this month! 😀 😀 😀

I was worried becowz when George passed away, I be out of work anddd stuff. BUT GOD CAME THRU AS USUAL!

Work is good

Dancing has been super fun

uhhh I was supposed to tell y’all about the other reason why I couldn’t sleep the other night but I’ma hold off on that for a while until I can recalculate my spidey senses.

The thing is, idk if they spidey, orrr whack. Hahahahhah we shall see, we shall see

Mmk probably enough for now. It’s been good to be writing more lately. Keep your eyes peeled for some youtube stuff I’ma share with y’all. In the meantime, go check out my channel:

I wish I could post my videos on my wordpress, but I’m not that baller yet 😉 #$$$

One day

I mean that.!

Goodnite beauties <3

xxx V

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