Hang in there

When I was a freshman in college I had a tough encounter with one of my teachers. And not  because I was partying too much or slacking  off on my work. It was because I was getting A+‘s.


When I got my grades at the end of the semester, I had an A- in Spanish. I never missed a class, always participated in every discussion, and had gotten 100% on every assignment. There were no other factors in play. I should have had an A+. I emailed my teacher.

what the.jpeg


She was from Mexico and her English wasn’t fantastic. She misinterpreted what I was saying and thought I was trying to accuse her of sexual assault.


what the


Yeah. Another female student accused her of sexual assault in the past after the professor put her tiny Spanish hand on the student’s shoulder. But come on, I was grade grubbing. Not threatening to fire this lady.


She ended up giving me the A+ and said “I hope you’re happy” even though she wanted me to be sad. Turns out she was teaching my composition class 3 weeks later.



Class begins and it’s super awkward. Each day that goes by she doesn’t look me in the eye or call on me. Whenever I do say something she’s critical and demeaning. As I start getting assignments back, the same letter is on the top of every page:



Time to run away, I hope?

I wanted OUT.

So I went to another Spanish teacher named Dr. S and told him what was up.

And he said “Hang in there. Don’t run away; you’ll regret it. You can work this out.”



“Okay” I replied.


After some more awkward classes, meeting outside of class, loving, forgiving, praying, and hanging in there, all was resolved. I started getting A’s again, and my teacher saw that I wasn’t attempting anything out of line. After all dat hate, all doze bad feelings, mis-communications… she even apologized.






When the going gets tough, hang in there. Don’t give up, give IT up; to Him. Everything will become crystal clear, and even better than before.

I mean, this teacher hated my guts for months. And then we worked it out. We built that bridge. We didn’t burn that bridge, we built dat bridge.

H a n g   i n    t h e r e.


With God, all things are possible. Even supernatural love towards the unlovable. Promise.

Have you ever felt like you were in an impossible situation that eventually got worked out?




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