Adventure 1/5


Steel blue are the foaming waves creeping up the shore

Steel blue is the clouded sky, dividing today’s horizon
Steel blue paints the costumed man floating through the air
Steel blue tints my coastal world, las retinas are consumed

The tall pink walls reflected the overcast sky upon waking this morning. Eyes adjusting to the light streaming in through the window, drearily tossing to face the door, thoughts and dreams danced in my head as my awareness started to return. Where am I again? The Cape horn. What time is it? 6:59 am. Oh yeah, the mitzvah.

“Shabbat Shalom, Shabbat Shalom! Shabbat Shabbat Shabbat Shabbat Shalom!!”

Memories of dinner the night before swam across my eyelids as I blankly stared up at the high ceiling slowly blinking my way into the day.

Yesterday we drove into Boston and were overwhelmed by the city traffic as we steered towards Brookline… The beginning of separation from the quiet autumn in Maine.

Time to meet a new friend. And bring her to the Cape.

Sleep. Food. Sleep. Food. And beach.

Paragliders lined the walls of sand, hovering back and forth over the shore. Sitting in a chair position, arms raised up, holding onto controlling handles. Up, down, leaning left. Backwards and forwards, feet so close to our heads we duck! Beautiful, open space. Blue-grey. Steel-blue.


The beauty brings anger, passion and misunderstanding. It probably always does.

Let’s stand in one place until we turn to stone, crumple and become part of the sand. <3


Draping limbs in blue for hours

Ocean drapes

Bedroom drapes

Time to be social. Do I have to?

Jewels shining, baring teeth. Check, check.

And pray. And sing. And clap. And eat. Eat. Eat.


Dance, dance. Drink. Eat. Drink, drink.

New friend and I; dance, dance.

A little girl, 4 years old. Dance. And spin. Spin until the room disappears.

Ahhhhh, cake.

Okay, time for sleep.

Upon waking it’ll almost be time for adventure #2.

Time flies.

Erev Tov <3 V

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