9 reasons to eat more plants

plantsIt’s 2015 and plants are trending right now. Here are 9 reasons why people might be moving back towards the natural sources of energy and away from the processed ones:


  1. Say buh-bye to constipation
    Yep, eating fiber-loaded foods can jump start your bowels for sure. Eating more fruits and vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds is a great way to help move things along. Did you know that meat and animal products such as milk, eggs, cheese, and yogurt contain
                                                                          zero % fiber?


  2. And hello to a stronger immune system
    Plant foods are considered pre-biotics, which increase the number of pro-biotics in your GI tract. In other words, more plants=more healthy gut bacteria=healthier & stronger immune system!


  3. Weight loss is inevitable
    You heard it here. Eating more whole plant foods means less room in your stomach to eat fatty junk. Fill up on fuel first, and reach for junk later (if you still want it!)


  4. Get healthier
    Think you’re healthy now not eating a lot of plant foods? Eating more plants can only increase your overall health. Who ever heard of plant foods making somebody sick?


  5. To save lives
    Sure does! Did you know that switching to a vegetarian diet saves more than 25 land mammals per year? (source) And a vegan diet saves 198 lives? source There’s quite a few good reasons to eat more plants!


  6. More plants = cleaner air
    Choosing to support pesticide/herbicide free farming operations means less money supporting chemical operations. By shopping local & organic we reduce the amount of chemicals in the air and water. Did you know that over 1 billion pounds of pesticides are sprayed in the United States alone? Where does it end up? In the air, soil & groundwater! source


  7. More plants = clearer skin
    Next time you reach for the animal products, remind yourself that those foods are coming from the inside of an animal! Then ask yourself, if you wouldn’t rub it on your skin, would you put it in your mouth? (This phrase can also be reversed!) Plant foods for the skin-win!


  8. To have more energy
    Solar power is an amazing source of energy. And fruits and vegetables are the closest thing we can get to eating the sun itself! Plant foods soak up sunlight directly and are packed with living vital nutrients. Eat the sun to have more energy! Once you start, you won’t go back.


  9. To attract more mates
    With your new vibrant skin, lost excess fat, better-smelling bowels and pores (we didn’t talk about this but you do the math), and will to do good, you’ll be a magnet for mates! Now go out there and spread the plant-food love!

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