5 reasons for having kids

I’m never having kids. Yech!!!!”


That used to be me. The kid in the mud, yes, as well as the person saying they don’t want kids. I used to think about kids in disgust and with contempt. The yelling, screaming, messy, accident-prone beings running around the Earth getting into trouble left and right and not knowing which way is up were NOT appealing to me. I imagined myself always being tired, always getting into fights with kids and never having any time for myself at the thought of having children.


Mooommy is dis a good idea??!!”

Well actually, that kid is kindof bad-ass.


My heart has changed since I used to look at kids only as disgusting, mindless buffoons. Here are five reasons why:

1. kids say the darnedest things


It’s true. Kids are always listening, always absorbing, and you never know what kind of crazy combination they are going to spew from their candy-stained lips. They overhear phrases and praises and knick-knack mottos and twist all of them into something of their own just at the right moment. Kids are naturally gullible and malleable for the first few years of their life (and some for a LONG while) but they eventually figure out the way thinks work. Having kids is entertaining and fulfilling. A mini family member. Until they become teenagers that is ;~)

2. kids turn into cool adults


Remember that crying twerp that used to be your son or neighbor? Now he’s a beautiful, succesful person full of knowledge that you helped provide a foundation for. All of those memories of him wrecking his first car, running away from home, putting ants in his sister’s sandwich, and peeing in a towel and thinking nobody would smell it in the dirty laundry has disappeared and been forgiven! Getting through the rough moments in life is so worth it to see your child grow and do great things :~)

3. kids can be your minions

Kids washing the dishes in the kitchen together - helping out with the home chores

SALLY. Empty the dishwasher NOW!!!! Yes master…

But honestly. Your kids learn new skills every single day. At only 2 years old your child can start helping with things. By four, they’re raking leaves or carrying things to the beach. By six they’re walking the dog and making their own bed and even making themselves breakfast (with supervision of course). The more time taken to teach and train your kids, the more helpful and independent they become! One day, they may even surprise you with breakfast in bed or a clean kitchen! It’s the little things that matter <3

4. kids are actually great listeners


And it has nothing to do with the size of their ears! That’s right, when kids are sitting there drawing with crayons or reading their comic books, a lot of the time they are hanging on to every word exchanged between mom and friends or siblings or even to the dog or cat in the house. Kids are learning how to speak, act and behave according to what they hear from their care takers. No matter who’s in charge, remember that your every action and word choice is a model behavior for your children! That is motivation to be the best version of your self always. Monkey see, monkey do. Once a care taker models different words and actions, don’t be surprised to see and hear the same things coming out of their mouths and from their bodies. Children’s behaviours are perfect mirrors for what we need to work on in ourselves. The apple truly does not fall far.

5. a child’s love is the greatest bond


I’m not a mother. Hopefully not for a few years! And to be honest, my mother wasn’t the greatest role model. In fact, for years I completely despised her and wanted nothing to do with her. Since then, it has been a slow process of mending my relationship with her by forgiving her for her actions. She is an imperfect person, just like me. And she tried her best at raising me. And I think I turned out really well. No parent tries to purposefully be a jerk to their kids. They maybe just didn’t have a good foundation for parenting themselves. But they love you. Your parents love you so much because you are just like them. Love for children is one of the strongest bonds anybody can ever have. Stronger than to a significant other. Stronger than with a beloved pet. Children are incredible, multi-faceted works of art, molded and perfected by parents, one day at a time.

So next time the topic of having children come up, keep in mind that having children is probably the most valuable connection a person could have in any aspect of life. How intricate, and deep. Fulfilling and gratifying. It takes a lot of hard work and constant guidance and prayer, and support from many people. “It takes a village to raise a child”. But boy, is it worth it. Next article will be about the irreplaceable bond between siblings.

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