the way your eyes lit up

when we shook hands and said “hello” for the first time

the way you hung onto my every word

it didn’t matter what i said

i wonder if you even knew what i was talking about

it became apparent that you didn’t very quickly

when you responded inappropriately to something i said

granted it was a joke

that you didn’t get

but maybe if you’d been paying attention to my words

Shoot. I had to come here to jot all this down so I can move on with my day and my life. The cars on the train running through my brain today are filled with bachata, hypothetical relationships, regretful conversations, procrastinations, and salsa mostly. And Jesus. Always Jesus.

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So now that I’m writing this blog, I can refocus. It’s 1:15pm and I’m ready to channel my thoughts and energy into making a video about why people should read the bible.

Hahah the human mind is so crazy. I can be thinking about so many things at once. But thinking and focusing are two different animals. Time to focus.

Focus entails:

-zero-ing in on certain thoughts and ideas and expanding only them

-compartmentalizing (a word I learned from mi padre) other thoughts (and feelings) into boxes

-defining a goal

-wholeheartedly pursuing that one goal

So. All that being said, I choose to zero in on:

“5 Reasons Why People Should Read the Bible”

I’ll be back with an update later and a link to the video…!

xxx <3