Garlic: natural cure-all


We all know the feeling. The tickle in the back of our throats. The wave of fatigue subtly washing over us. The thought crosses our mind — Oh no, I think I’m getting sick!

Thoughts of work and school cancellations pop up like corn kernels in a sauce pan. The desire to visit with friends at the beach is out the window and the thought of a comfy bed seems more and more inviting.

At this time, in the beginning stages of when you think a sickness is coming on, it’s time to whip out the garlic.

Stop Your Sickness in its’ Tracks

Find 1-3 cloves raw garlic. Crush under a knife. Eat it.

If you’re ballsy, consume naked and vigorously, chewing the crushed cloves and withstanding the burn of the juices as your nostrils flare and your eyes water. (Or actually cry because of the potency!)

If you’re sane, add to a piece of toast, some beans, some crackers. Anything to make the garlic go down easier.

But really chew it up. Chew till it burns.
Meanwhile, drink tea. Fresh ginger, mint, and lemon juice tea will do the trick. And rest as much as possible. Avoid refined sugar. Avoid processed ginger ale soda, and opt for the real thing.

This was me a couple days ago. Where rest was NOT possible. I was cleaning houses back to back. It was extremely hot outside and cleaning is no lazy task. For me it was water, water, tea, rest for 10 minutes, water. In between each house I took a 30 minute break and popped 1,000 mgs of pure C and closed my eyes.


5 houses and 2 days later, I’m good. The garlic is a miracle worker, folks. Now I’m not a doctor, nor will this work every single time for everyone, but I have had many successful attempts at avoiding getting sick thanks to Mr. G. Mr. Garlic that is.

As soon as I ate the garlic I felt a chemical change occurring inside of me. Yes, it could have been heart burn… But honestly, I was feeling good pretty quickly 😉

Give ‘er a try. Garlic, fluids, rest as much as possible.

Good luck <3