Can I please say something

to small business owners:

God bless you.

Wow. It’s hard work owning your own business.

Making sure the customer is taken care of.

Making sure the customer is getting exactly what they need. Making sure the customer knows how to use the product.

Recommending other good products to them. Explaining why it will work.

Treating each person with patience, love, respect, and good service.

Business. Is. Hard.

It’s so rewarding too! It’s work, and there’s a payoff. Yes, there is a literal payoff. But also…

Having helped someone. Having given somebody a solution to their problem. An answer to their pain.

Today, I helped somebody find some products that would solve their dandruff issue.

I helped another woman with her extremely dry, damaged hair.

I helped someone else with frizz and breakage 3 days ago.

Another customer of mine has highlighted hair and I helped her find products that would keep her color in for longer.

It is SO satisfying to be able to help SO many people!

I LOVE my job. I love representing such an amazing company that heals people’s hair. Chemical-free, vegan, anti-aging.

But my goodness. It’s work. It is work. It does not come free.

So kudos, business owners. Small and large.

Kudos for time-management.

Kudos for patience.

Kudos for being available for your customers.

Kudos for tuning into your customers’ needs.

Kudos for using the correct verbiage and marketing well.

Kudos for the mental energy that you put forth pouring into your work.

Kudos for helping others.

Kudos for making it.

Kudos for working your way up!


Reminds me of Paul in scripture:


“You yourselves know that these hands of mine have ministered to   

m  y       o  w  n      n  e  e  d  s  

and          those of my companions.

In everything, I showed you that

by this kind of        h   a   r   d       w   o   r   k

we must help the weak, remembering the

words of the Lord Jesus Himself: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.'”

Acts 20:34-35


Hard work pays off.