Dear November

Dear November,

You are so beautiful. I roll around in your precious cargo of orange and yellow leaves, some crisp, some freshly fallen on my face and in the palm of my hand. Your warm autumn air engulfs my body like flaming kindling in the fireplace. I look up through the boughs of oak and maples and see blue sky; and a few branches not ready to give up their dresses. Or maybe dresses not yet willing to depart from their boughs. A single leaf flutters down, flitting in spiralling circles before landing adjacent to my right hand.


Its’ veins resemble my veins.

Its’ color, my color.

I think I, too, fell with the leaf; having grown on the branch until fully blossomed.

…I cried with the Spring and all it would bring as my toes became feet and my feet became me

…I shone brightly in the summer, reflecting grass into your eyes. My face was a cool mirror to bring shelter to the midday.

…I did not worry and I did not want. I only shook and hung and grew and longed for my moment to fly; not knowing where I may land or what would become of me when I hit the ground.


And the day came, today. She walked across the cold stone floor and looked out into the daylight, wondering what may arouse her day if she let it. She stepped onto the paved driveway and made her way to a level surface where the sun glimpsed, creating a pattern through the trees flickering and flaring like when afternoon sunlight hits water and reflects onto a wall.

And as she lay down, breathing calmly, with her arms softly by her sides, anything could happen and it would be all right.

The ground could open up and plunge her into black water, and her eyes would remain softly shut, and her mouth would still form a smile.

All her muscles relaxed until her lips slowly parted slightly and she breathed a calming breath. One moment of peace.

Before her eyes blinked open as I jumped from my branch.

I inhaled such a big gasp of air that my convex veins boiled. I screamed and she heard me. The liberation was overwhelming. The faith was natural. The thrill was indescribable.

I floated through the air, dancing in suspension,

kicking and twisting, as I progressed in my descent and

never knowing if I’d make it, I finally embraced it

I was His, every part of me was in His hands;

the wind, water and elements were all part of His plan.

He built me up and tore me down, gave me strength and then knocked me ’round

Grown into the woman as part of the plan, I trusted in the fall, not worrying about the land

This was my last passing thought before my heart was set free,

and I shined the brightest smile that was ever seen from me

…and made my way to the ground where she lay, and took my place beside her right hand.

She lay calmly as I heaved heavy breaths

in disbelief that it had ended and it was finally time to rest ~

And we lay there together and saw ourselves in each other. We relived our lives a thousand times in each others’ eyes and longed for a thousand more. What beauty has become of this day. What beauty has brought us here and will caress us as we turn back to dust once more, before rising again to live and grow, dancing in the elements and waiting to fall.

“All time leading to this moment has been anticipated. Waiting, dreaming, hoping, imagining. And now, here, today, the day has come. The dream has risen and is no longer a dream, but a memory. The whole experience has been a memory. The whole memory has been fortified by hope and faith in a grand exit.”


I’m a Woman. I’m a leaf. A new leaf, an old leaf, a grown leaf, a growing leaf. I tumble and sway, waiting until I’m ready to spiral and dance. I long for God and trust in Him and prepare for whatever He has in store <3

…And it turns out I’m dancing all along

I’m spiralling the whole way through. I’m preparing to unite with the last part of me that can only be reached through letting go and trusting in God.

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Your works are wonderful; I know that fully well.” Psalms 139:14

~ Trust in the fall ~ Fall into faith ~ <3 V

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