A true story that will make you choke and shiver with joy: “Kisses from Katie”


I absolutely sped through this incredible book about an eighteen year old American girl from Tennessee who decided to put college on the back-burner in order to work overseas in Uganda as a kindergarten teacher.

Katie Davis promises her parents that she’ll only spend one year in Uganda before attending college in the States. Though God has other plans for her. She ends up planting roots in Uganda’s orange soil and falling in love with the country and all of its’ inhabitants. She starts a non-profit to raise money for education, healthcare, and food supplies for as many of the neediest folks as possible.

After the first year in Uganda, Katie has started a home, adopted many daughters, and is running a thriving non-profit. How does this young woman manage such a full lifestyle alone in Uganda?

The simple answer is because she was never alone. The King was always with her. Not the king of Uganda, or the king of Africa. The King of the Universe.

Katie Davis attributes all her successes to Jesus Christ.

“I would like [readers] to know that God uses us in our brokenness. We simply have to be willing. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that my life would look like this– I am a normal, flawed, selfish, ungraceful human being.
Why would He use me? Because He created me in His image and delights in me and can pour His wholeness and perfectness and extravagant grace into any open hand or heart that is surrendered to Him. If He can use me, He can use anyone.” — Katie Davis

Kisses from Katie is a huge inspiration and every page triggers the same question: “Am I working towards the right goals in life?” Read and find out.

Check out this amazing true story of how God uses a simple Tennessee girl to touch thousands of people with His love.

Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis    Enjoy <3

5 thoughts on “A true story that will make you choke and shiver with joy: “Kisses from Katie”

  1. Will most definitely read! I hope to go to Africa someday as well and teach not only there but all over the world! Like she said, whatever’s in Gods will for me, so be it! Excited to read about it. I absolutely love inspirational stories like that! I’m excited to serve for the rest of the year here in Ukraine as well!

    1. Yay it’s a fantastic story, you’ll surely love it! And girl GO to Africa! I want to go someday too! Also, Ukraine looks awesome, hope you’re having an amazing time!! Blessings~

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