sibling smores-gasbord!

My siblings came for a short visit this weekend which was an absolute blast. I met them in town Thursday evening and we went out to dinner at Tandoor which is a delicious indian place on Exchange St.

I started off with a roti bread with the various chutney sauces for dipping. And then got the aloo muttar (potato/pea curry) over mountains of basmati rice. Though I got some indigestion after eating my roti and had to take a breather — Probably due to eating loads of watermelon with the eleven-year-old girl I nanny for earlier that afternoon.

John Patriquin/Staff Photographer: Tandoor restaurant in Portland for review, Sat. Nov.24,2012.
John Patriquin/Staff Photographer: Tandoor restaurant in Portland for review, Sat. Nov.24,2012.

It was so great seeing the two darlings, even if for a short amount of time! We ate lots of yummy vegan foods, including oat cakes, homemade pinto bean hummus & fresh veggie sandwiches on sprouted Ezekial bread, medjool dates! and gf pasta with a sundried tomato, pinto bean & mushroom sauce. We also tried dragon fruit in the morning.


Sliced dragonfruit with fresh-from-garden mint tea & lemon juice

Result? Dragonfruit tasted like a taste-less kiwi!! Not at all sweet, and rather disappointing. For an almost $4 fruit, this was a downer guys. Hopefully fresher, straight from the source dragonfruit is better. This had probably travelled at least 3,000 miles and sat for a week. But so do my bananas… Hmm…

The second and last night my fam spent with me we decided to make smores! Though they were not vegan. My siblings are pretty new to plant foods and don’t eat like I do when they’re at home with my parents. However, they were loving all of the new foods that I introduced them to!

Since we didn’t plan ahead for buying vegan friendly smore ingredients when we were in town, we had to rely on the island market to fulfill our desire. That meant Honey-maid graham crackers, Hershey’s chocolate, and Kraft marshmallows. It’s been a while since I had any processed sugar. I eat fruit sugar on the daily, and even organic raw sugar or organic raw vegan chocolate. I can eat a whole big bar of vegan chocolate or box of vegan cookies and feel fine afterwards. But dat processed sugar uses and abuses ya and leaves you feeling dirty.


Derpy morning pic


Miss my sis already!

Was the sugar hangover worth it? Absolutely. Only four smores deep. Coulda been worse. If I were still binging it could’ve been a LOT worse! But it was fun to hang out and eat smores with my siblings. It feels good not to be a food nazi sometimes. :~)


Camera shy c:



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