Victory Over the Darkness: Book Review


Neil T. Anderson is an incredible author that captivates his audience page by page. His book Victory Over the Darkness is one of those books that has you stopping every few pages to pause on a thought and apply it to one’s own life.

This book is all about learning how to forgive yourself and others to be free from a past that might be holding you back. It’s about taking control of your own thoughts and mind and not succumbing to feeling like you don’t have control of your emotions. Anderson details each person’s true place in this world and (A) what kind of an impact it can have on us or (B) what kind of an impact we can make in it.

Feeling lost and not really sure what the point of this whole “life” thing is? Read this book.

Feeling torn down by all of your personal and family trials and am not sure there’s hope to move forward? Read this book.

Curious of God and the Bible but are scared of the associations between Christianity and the world today? Cast your fears aside to read this book.

Victory Over the Darkness details how each person is already accepted into the kingdom of God and tells how individuals can stand out, grow strong in their faith (or first get acquainted to it!), and overcome the worldly shadows that rule their life.

Read this book!

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