Get Paid to Review Books


I was Googling how to become a book reviewer, since I love to read books, and have enjoyed reviewing the small stack of books that I have thus far. I came across and was pleasantly surprised with what I found.


It’s a site dedicated to helping authors get their stuff out there while providing a service to readers and writers all over the world to make some cash and read some good books. After establishing multiple posts and getting involved in the forum community, you are eligible for getting paid for writing short, eloquent reviews.

I just discovered this tonight, but am super excited about it and will keep you guys posted on any progress I have with writing reviews. I could do this for a living. I swear. I would do this for a living.

Best part? It’s FREE to sign up!

Want to read awesome books before they become big hits? 

Like to read and want to possibly make a few bucks?

Seeking a community of fellow avid readers and writers?

Shout out to Scott Hughes for creating this awesome site!

Check it out everyone!

Cheers <3