partying is overrated

So lately I’m obsessed with the Bible and learning as much as I can about its’ contents. Everyone should read the Bible even if they aren’t a Christian. It’s a powerful book with helpful verses that can help anyone in pretty much any of situation.

There’s a video series on Youtube by Chuck Missler called “Learn the Bible in 24 Hours” that has 24 1-hour videos that discusses all of the biblical stories, hidden meanings, the history of hebrew, astro-physics, chemistry, biology and more. I’ve watched the first 2 so far and am watching the third today. Very awesome material. Curious at all about how it all began? At least watch the first hour. Check out the videos here.

Anyway, in hour 2 Chuck talks about the Hebrew words for day and night; “Boker” and “Erev”. The literal meaning of these words is :

Boker: orderly, discernible, morning

Erev: obscurity, disorder, evening

I wrote the meanings down immediately. It was so interesting to me that morning meant clarity and evening meant crazy. How perfect is that, really? I mean, of course it makes true sense. In the morning we wake up and have a clean slate in front of us. The day is ours and we can set intentions to have the most productive or destructive of days as we please. Our energy is new and our minds are rested. Our toes flex, we inhale deeply, and it’s time to pick up on what we left off yesterday and begin anew.

In the evening we’re tired. It’s been a long day, and it’s time for relaxing. Warm foods, movies, books, fluffy sweatshirts and slipper time. Or perhaps an alcoholic beverage for some, to unwind and get their mind off of the day. Now I won’t be a hypocrite here. I enjoy an alcoholic beverage every now and then. In fact, I used to indulge in many. The first time I got drunk was when I was fifteen years old at my friend Kathleen’s house. I drank 4 bud-lite’s, browned out, took off my pants and tried to put on my friend Kathleen’s pants from inside her dresser. After stumbling past the red and white cooler outside on the deck next to where Kathleen’s mom and friends were sitting. Such shenanigans.

I drank a few times in high school but preferred to smoke pot. I started smoking every day in the summer leading up to my junior year, and for the next year and a half through my parent’s separation, losing our house, switching schools and a few other crazy things. I clouded my brain so I didn’t have to face the reality that was my life all around me.

When I went to college I didn’t even really know what to expect. I had smoked my way through college prep in high school and wasn’t even that excited to go. All I knew was that I wanted to go where my current boyfriend was going. So I applied there… And then broke up with him 2 weeks later.

I smoked and drank in college because it seemed like the thing to do. Everyone fed off of each other’s energy when it came to drinking which influenced people to get more and more drunk or do stupid things.

College was a blur, and I’m definitely not too proud of some of the things I did while I was there. I didn’t even party nearly as much as some people I know and I still think I did so too often.

During those years I basically lost touch with God and prayed to Him when I needed something or when I was scared but usually I was too focused on my empty, worldly wants all around me.

The night is disorderly. The night is obscure. Humans are meant to be in harmony with the Earth’s natural cycles. Going to bed with the sun, getting up with the sun. I have been on this schedule for some time now and feel the best I have ever felt. When my body is tired, I listen. When I have something emotional to face in my life, I do so –And let’s be real, there’s always something to face. But I don’t cloud these feelings anymore. I drink a nice IPA or a small glass of wine every now and then but I have no desire to escape or mask what I’m feeling any longer.

Being sober is a privilege. It’s an advantage. The more I’m sober, the more I can be progressive and tuned in to the things I really care about.

Never again will I suffer through a hangover of any kind. A wasted morning or a wasted day due to gluttony. I won’t make drunken decisions and pretend to talk with or make plans with people that I don’t really vibe with. Never again will I feel the pressure to “go out” for the sake of going out, as if that’s the “cool” thing to do. Or that’s what young people should be doing. It’s a waste of time and a waste of money. I don’t need alcohol to be an excuse to dance or hang out with friends. Or to enjoy the night in solitude reading or writing. I’m simply bettering myself by avoiding these behaviors.

Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. — Ben Franklin

Do you have a peer pressure story or story about why you stopped getting high? Post in the comment section below!

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