What you reap is what you sow; and we’ve only got one body. Health begins with what you’re putting into and onto your body. That’s why I’m a proud user, supporter and promoter of Monat haircare, skincare and Wellness products. They are leaping-bunny-certified vegan (the Gold standard!), naturally based, and proven to promote health and wellness. Monat says “NO!” to so many harmful ingredients! Check out the products below!


95% of the products contain Rejuveniqe oil; a patented blend of 13 different essential oils and vitamins which are clinically proven to help repair damaged hair and promote healthy growth. From shampoo to styling products, Monat has your hair needs covered. Click to take a free hair quiz to find out which products are right for you!


It starts with a cleanser and ends with a moisturizer. Monat’s luxurious skincare products were launched in October 2019 and have won a plethora of awards. My favorite product is the Illuminating C. Radiance Serum. Check out my free skincare quiz to get matched up with some products depending on your skin type and needs!


Beauty from the inside out starts with what you put into your body. Check out the new line of wellness products here.

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