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wordy wordy wordpresssss

I wrote out two posts but didn’t post them. They just didn’t seem genuine.
Thought about writing several more but didn’t take the initiative.
Truth is I’ve been buzy

Who ISN’T I suppose. Nearing the end of October here. Canya believe it. It’s almost November. Which means almost December. Which means Christmas. Yeah idk time’s a flying and I jest

I don’t know.

Today I am resting. I am supposed to be lesson planning for Bible Study Fellowship but instead I’m entirely avoiding it. Well 95% avoiding since the task keeps nagging at the back of my head like a little brother. I’M BUZY REMEMBAH

Though I really should busy myself with that task since it needs to get done by tomorrow. Ho humm eventually. I still have 3 hours to complete it before I head to my singles group — LISTEN IT’s BIBLE STUDY OKAY. Well actually, tonight we have the privilege of listening to a Dr’s testimony of how he was persecuted in Romania for christianity. Should be pretty interesting.

Not that there’s anything wrong with any kind of singles group. Singles can get together and do whatever they want. As long as it’s morally okay. Hehe though we all know that those darn kids are getting into all sorts of riff-raff nowadays. And for always. Sigh

So here we are wording. I don’t want to be wordy because wordy implies too many words. Maybe this whole post is too many words. Though I’m still going to share it.

I’m feeling rather wordy myself. Blah blah blah

I should really channel this energy into lesson planning for the little ones. Gosh I’m annoying when I’m neurotically obsessing over an idea that I should do something with.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Anonymity helps you be evil: live in the light.

Being anonymous contributes to doing and saying whatever we want with no strings attached. If Velvet (that’s me!) were to say or do something, Velvet would be judged. Not necessarily judged in a bad way, but, you know. People observe the sayings and doings of people and make judgments all the time. “She’s an interesting writer.” … “She’s neurotic.” … “She sure has a lot of words”

If the ANONYMOUS version of myself were to say or do something, I might say or do it differently than Velvet would if I knew I didn’t have to sensor myself. Because that’s what we do, right? We sensor ourselves so we don’t go on offending anyone and everyone? Okay, clearly not everyone sensors themselves. Some people not at all. But we learn to have guarded communication with people or online because we care about people. We learn patience and we learn to control our tongues. We learn that words can bring life or death to others and we pick which battles we want to fight.

Besides being anonymous with our words in person or online, we should choose not to be anonymous with how we spend our time. The more time spent by ourselves, the more time spent away from others. That phrase might be redundant, but the concept needs to be understood. It’s important.

Spending too much time away from others, or by ourselves, or alone, is not good. Note TOO MUCH. Time alone is good. TOO MUCH TIME ALONE is bad. Live in the light. Serve other people. Be wise with your time.


Okay, I’m going to go lesson plan now. And then perhaps write some music. And then go to my SINGLES GROUP to commune with other people. GOD BLESS!



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